Monday, 30 December 2013

Kuwaiti woman files for divorce after one week of marriage

Peas in the Middle East? A woman in Kuwait has filed for divorce because her husband eats his peas with bread rather than a fork

It's not exactly up there with infidelity but poor table manners are clearly grounds for divorce in some parts of the Middle East.

Just one week after getting married, a woman in Kuwait has filed for divorce after discovering her husband prefers to use bread, rather than a fork, to eat peas.
Traumatised by the 'shocking sight', she said she could no longer live with him, owing to his lack of etiquette.
The news comes as a study reveals there are on average 18 divorce cases a day in the country.
The report by lawyer Hawra al-Habib is based on the latest annual statistic of 6,672 cases, according to the Kuwait Times.
In most Muslim countries, Islamic Law allows husbands to divorce their wives without any reason by just saying 'I divorce you' three times. 
After the first two divorces, the husband may nullify the action within 90 days, but, the third time, it is final, and he cannot remarry her unless she first marries and is divorced by another man.
However, if a wife wants a divorce - for reasons such as abuse or lack of communication - she must go to court.
The non-acceptance of the other is the major reason for divorce in Kuwait, according to legal experts.


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