Monday, 30 December 2013

Hold On Before You Marry Her

Is it okay for a man to marry a woman older than him? What extent of influence should family and friends have when choosing a partner? Can an older lady actually submit to a younger guy in marriage? Read Derick’s story. 
"Four years ago when Nkechi and I were to get married, my family and friends had very mixed, turpsy-turvic feeling about us. They supported me not US. Since it was my call, they all pretended to be happy for me. My wife as at then was 39 while I was 30. She was my new boss at the office and we got along really quick. I was cock sure it was love. Although she sounded like she needed to get married as soon as possible but I didn't see any problem with that. Its only normal. Nkechi possesses the beauty of a decorated queen and her maturity caught me. Let me not bore you.

Right now, my wife looks like a deserted queen. She is 44 and I am now 35. We have found it difficult to conceive, and to worsen it, I decided to leave the job as the company policy does not allow couples and as she is already a boss, I decided to look elsewhere using her contacts. So far, all the appointments I have got has been temporary and this time, I have been out of job for the longest time. I am very frustrated.
 Now, my wife has suddenly become distant or am I the one staying away?She tries to mother me rudely as if I were a kid.

I really cant tell what the problem really is, I don't have cash, she is not releasing cash under the guise that all the money is being spent on her health, we don't have any child, everyone is crossed with me and us, my parents want me to take another wife, infact a virgin, my wife now looks very unattractive, she is just like my aunty, old and now insultive. Gosh, i was so blind. Please tell me, can i ever get out of this? Truly I need fresh breathe. I am considering telling her to walk out of my life but the Nkechi I know is not a push over, especially with court marriage in place. Please advice me. I will be reading everyday. Thank you"


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