Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Germany businessman’s 17-year-old daughter is found dead after she was kidnapped for a million euro ransom

Tragic: The body of Anneli-Marie R., who was snatched off the street in Germany last week, has been found

The body of a teenager kidnapped last week and held for a one million euro ransom has been found in Germany.
Anneli-Marie R. was snatched off the street last Thursday in the city of Meissen in the east of the country as she walked her dog at 7.30pm. 

A police blackout on the abduction was lifted on Monday after weekend negotiations with the kidnappers broke down.
Her parents begged for her safe return and pledged to pay her abductors whatever they wanted. 
Despite this, on Monday the grim news came from a murder squad in Dresden that her corpse had been discovered in an abandoned farmyard in the village of Klipphausen not far from her home.
'We are working on the assumption it is Anneli,' said police spokesman Thomas Knaup. 
Two men have been arrested, one in Dresden, the other in a town in Bavaria. Both were detained in raids by squads of armed police in the hours before dawn on Tuesday.
Media reports said one man was 39 years old and jobless, the other 61 and a metalworker. Police used sniffer dogs and a heat-seeking helicopter to find the body.
'Anneli, we miss you, we are with you,' her heartbroken parents said in a statement on Monday morning. 
Anneli, whose full name has not been released, left her home in Meissen, famous for its manufacturing of fine bone china, at 7.30pm on Thursday with her pet dog and her bicycle. 
Her bike was later found in a ditch and the dog was found alive in a field on Monday afternoon.
Her parents said in an open letter to their daughter's abductors: 'The kidnappers should know that we will fulfill their demands in order to be able to take our child in our arms again soon.'
They are now both in the care of police psychologists.
In June, gangsters kidnapped the handicapped elderly son of Reinhold Wuerth, a billionaire industrialist, in Germany and demanded £1.5million. They let Markus Wuerth, 50, go free after losing their nerve.


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