Monday, 13 April 2015

Kate Middleton look-a-like

The former waitress works full time as a Kate Middleton look-a-like and is so determined to stay like Kate that she has four specially crafted baby bumps she has been sporting in recent months.
She reportedly earns up to €3,500 a day for her royal resemblance, but her income comes at a price - comfort.
“I’ve spent the past few months having to wear four different-sized false baby bumps made for me by a seamstress, so I look authentic as the real pregnancy has gone along,” she told the Daily Express.
“I can’t wait to get rid of those.”
Heidi also revealed that she has received death threats from "anti-royalists" via her Facebook and Twitter pages.
“I deliberately kept my pages open for all the nice people that want to get in touch but some people use the internet to say stuff to me they would never dare say to my face," she explained.

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