Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Murphy claims 'big victory' for anti-water campaign imminent

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy said water charge protesters are on the verge of a "big victory" - amid estimates that 30% of households are yet to register.
Irish Water is refusing to release full details on how many people have paid the charge so far - with just six days left until applications for the conservation grant close.

Those who do not register will not receive the €100 grant from the Department of Social Protection.
Deputy Paul Murphy said the campaign against the water charge has been a success.
"The Government has tried to give the impression - falsely - that they will be able to take the water charges from people's wages, social welfare , or pensions. That's simply not the case.
"We're doing a lot of work on the ground, counteracting the false information that's coming from the Government - to encourage people to stick together.
"We're on the verge of a big, big victory here."

Irish News

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