Friday, 14 March 2014

Nigerian prostitute in Russian KILLED her own boy friend over $200

A Nigerian prostitute in Moscow region in Russian federation has stabbed her own boy friend over $ death.According to other prostitute

A Nigerian girl has stabbed her own boy friend to death on the debt of $200 owe her by boy friend named Ifeanyi. Before his death he was regarded as an extremely quiet and humble guy .The girl in question is simply an opportunist and a woman of easy virtues who choose to commercialised her private part for cash is threatening the said boy friend that she will kill him if he doesn't marry her.

The lady in question and her other fellows are stake illiterate who can neither read or write as the guy the boy friend is a graduate of ABSU. This is way the dream of a handsome young guy just came to an end because he find himself entangle with a prostitute let the entire world the judge before. Broda may your soul rest in peace.

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