Monday, 20 January 2014

Mafia hitmen break 'code of honour' execute three-year-old boy over his grandad's debts

Tragedy: Nicola Campolongo

Barbaric Mafia hitmen have hit a new low by breaking their own “code of honour” and murdering a boy aged three.

The charred remains of toddler Nicola Campolongo were found in a burnt-out car on a farm.
Alongside him were the corpses of grandfather Salvatore Iannicelli and the 52-year-old’s Moroccan lover Ibtissa Touss, 27.
A 50 cent coin, left on the roof of the torched car was the assassins’ message that the appalling slaughter in Cosenza was over debts owed by Mr Iannicelli.
One of the world’s most feared and powerful Mafia groups is believed to be behind the atrocity.
The Ndrangheta, based in Calabria, southern Italy, have global connections and handle 80% of Europe’s cocaine imports.
Their combined interests bring in an estimated £40billion – 3.5% of the Italian economy.
Little Nicola, nicknamed Coco, was in the custody of his grandfather because his father and mother – Mr Iannicelli’s daughter – are in jail for drug crimes.
His grandad was himself under a court curfew. Cops were alerted after he failed to return at the weekend.
The murders have shocked investigators in Italy, where mob bosses have peddled the myth they do not hurt women and children.
Prosecutor Franco Giacomantonio said: “Every line has now been crossed. How can anyonekill a three-year-old boy in this way?”
Social justice campaigner Franco Corbelli said the little boy had been jailed with his mother when she was first arrested a year ago.
He added: “I have fought to save this child and his mother. But everything has been for nothing.
"Ferocity, barbarism and cruelty have prevailed and did not waver when confronted by a child.”


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