Friday, 10 January 2014

Irish Water chief defends €50m spend on consultancy

John Tierney.

The head of Irish Water John Tierney says the consultancy services that cost €50m sought by the company were value for money.

The body now responsible for the supply of water says the spending of such money was necessary in the set-up of a new utility service - costs which will have to be recouped by the company.
The company says as yet there has been no decision made on what charges people are likely to face, but they have warned that those who do not pay their water charges will face a disruption to their service.
Mr Tierney has not ruled out further costs in the set-up of the water charging scheme.
He said: "The spend on consultancy is part of the set-up cost.

"There is very little spend on consultancy as part of the enduring organisation, except where in the capital programme you would obviously hire consultancies as part of the design and construction scheme."


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