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Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt engaged
April 2012 - Present
After years together and enough kids together to start a band that would rival the Partridge Family, Angelina Jolie...
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie dating
Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt dating
2005 - Present
Brangelina! The two met on the set of 'Mr & Mrs. Smith' and their relationship caused a nuclear meltdown of the...
Brad Pitt Jennifer Aniston married
Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt married
July 2000 - March 2005
The Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston marriage was considered one of the rare Hollywood success stories. They began...
Brad Pitt Claire Forlani rumored
Claire Forlani Brad Pitt rumored
1998 - 1998
Nothing concrete out there, but they starred together on 'Meet Joe Black' and she's super hot so draw your own...
Brad Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow dating
Gwyneth Paltrow Brad Pitt dating
1994 - 1997
Brad and Gwyneth got things started when the two starred in 'Se7en.' This was Brad's first high-profile celebrity...
Brad Pitt Thandie Newton dating
Thandie Newton Brad Pitt dating
1994 - 1995
Pitt and Newton met filming 'Interview with a Vampire' and dated for about a year. They broke things off amicably and...
Brad Pitt Litka Petrovik fling
Litka Petrovik Brad Pitt fling
1994 - 1994
Very little is known about the relationship between Litka Petrovik and Brad Pitt other than they attended a red...
Brad Pitt Geena Davis rumored
Geena Davis Brad Pitt rumored
1990 - 1991
Brad and Geena got hot and heavy while filming 'Thelma & Louise'. They ended up (unofficially) dating for a year...
Brad Pitt Jill Schoelen engaged
Jill Schoelen Brad Pitt engaged
March 1989 - June 1989
Pitt and Schoelen were engaged for three months, but she broke off the engagement in Budapest, Hungary where she was...
Brad Pitt Juliette Lewis dating
Juliette Lewis Brad Pitt dating
1989 - 1993
Brad and Juliette worked on 'Too Young to Die?' and 'Kalifornia' together and sparks flew right away. She was 16 at...
Brad Pitt Elizabeth Daily rumored
Elizabeth Daily Brad Pitt rumored
1989 - 1989
Very little information exists about their rumored relationship in 1989 but that was a tricky year for Brad so...
Brad Pitt Christina Applegate fling
Christina Applegate Brad Pitt fling
1989 - 1989
Brad and Chrsitina dated briefly in 1989 when Christina was just two seasons deep into Married With Children's 11...
Brad Pitt Sinitta dating
Sinitta Brad Pitt dating
1987 - 1989
The is the former Ms. Simon Cowell (nee Malone). She and Brad dated in the late 80s. She's a singer and had a few...
Brad Pitt Shalane McCall dating
Shalane McCall Brad Pitt dating
1987 - 1987
These two dated in the late 80s when Brad was sporting a sweet sweet mullet.
Brad Pitt Robin Givens fling
Robin Givens Brad Pitt fling
1986 - 1987
Robin had this to say recently about Brad, "I don't know if I find him to be so fascinating, to be perfectly honest...


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