Monday, 3 August 2015

Cilla's son found her body after breaking into villa when she didn't wake from siesta...

Cilla Black's doting son Bobby smashed his way into her bedroom after she didn't wake up

The entertainer was photographed as she made her way through Gatwick Airport on Friday afternoon (pictured with a fan, centre), just 24 hours before she died at her Spanish holiday home (inset).
Her devoted son Bobby smashed down her bedroom door after she failed to rise from a siesta. He found her lying face up on her sun terrace. Spanish authorities have said they believe Cilla died of natural causes. One theory is that she became dizzy and fell after she went from the air-conditioned bedroom and onto the sun terrace in the midday summer heat, and fell. The singer and television presenter had marks on her right arm, below the elbow, which suggest she tried to break the fall. Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring in from both her fans and her famous friends.

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