Thursday, 5 February 2015

Man allows his girlfriend’s lover to move into their home to live as 1 happy family

A woman has her cake and eats it too, as she lives in a home with two of her lovers. 

30-year-old Memory Mlambo of Mutare, Zimbabwe, said that she enjoys life with two men in the same home.

Mlambo said that she was not satisfied with just one man. She fell in love with two men and she was not willing to lose either of them. 

Mlambo lives in a home with her boyfriend Wesley Gora, 32, and with her 35-year-old boyfriend Fungai Matandaudyi. 

“I love them, but for different reasons. One gives me great sex and satisfies me in bed,” she said without revealing the one she is referring too. 

“The other also loves me and he gives me attention. He pays my rent and does everything else. I make sure not to offend any of them and we are living happily,” she added. 

The men decided to get along as they both want to be with Mlambo. She said that the men are respectful to one another and they give each other time with Mlambo for sex. 

Gora said that he was initially furious when he learned that his wife was seeing another man.

“Later I got over it and accepted that she loved both of us. We are now living happily. We have no problem at all,” Gora said. 

Matandaudyi, the quieter of the two, said that he began dating Mlambo eight months ago.

“When I realized that she was in a relationship with Wesley, we all sat and talked about it, and we all agreed to this arrangement. We both love her and we feel comfortable with this,” said Matandaudyi.


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