Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Girl, five, who survived 12 nights in the Siberian wilderness with just her dog

'Mowgli' girl, Karina Chikitova, 5, who survived 12 nights in the Siberian wilderness

Karina Chikitova (pictured, left, with her mother and pet dog) was found last August hungry, exhausted and covered in mosquito bites lying in a bed of grass (top right) almost two weeks after wandering off from her remote village home in Olom.
Now five, she is unfazed by her experience despite a real threat from bears and wolves, said her mother Talina, 22. She was saved by her dog Naida, which had followed her into the Siberian taiga and kept her warm at night. After nine days, the dog left Karina to find its way to the remote family home in Olom village, inspiring rescuers to redouble their efforts to find the brave girl. Three days later she was found, weak but safe (bottom right), after which she underwent lengthy medical treatment to recover her lost weight.

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