Sunday, 12 July 2015

Govt to raise bin charges to encourage recycling

Bin charges could be rise by up to €100 a year amid plans to make households pay for their rubbish by weight.
The Irish Independent claims the increases will accompany new rules next year which will ban flat-fees to incentivise recycling.

The changes are being introduced by the Environment Minister Alan Kelly who says he wants to radically shake up the industry.
Costs currently vary greatly throughout the country depending on private waste collection operators - Galway has the cheapest average bills at €204 while Donegal has the highest at an average of €346.
However, it is reported that a Department of the Environment analysis has shown only 4.5% of homes will pay more, with 87% of households to pay less. The remainder of customers would be unaffected.
Waste operators have warned that the cost of installing weighing technology will have to be passed on to customers.
Michelle Murphy from Social Justice Ireland is not convinced the new system will help the environment.
She said: "In the end of the day, if it's based on weight the amount of rubbish is the amount of rubbish that you generate - it's the same packaging, the same products, the same stuff you are throwing out.
"And it weighs the same amount at the end of the year as it does at the start of the year. Does it really encourage recycling? Possibly not."

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