Friday, 5 June 2015

The 33-year-old GRANDMA

Corrie Rowland now fears she's to blame for her daughter becoming a teenage mum

Corrie Rowland, of Askern, South Yorkshire, has become one of Britain's youngest grandmothers at 33. She fell pregnant at 15 with her daughter Bethany, who has now given birth to a baby boy at the age of 17.
Corrie, who is pictured centre with Bethany before the birth and left with her new grandson Elijah, said her dreams were shattered and her parents bitterly disappointed when she got pregnant in 1997. The grandmother (inset when pregnant with Bethany and right when she was a baby) said she also felt a period of grief for the life her daughter had lost when she revealed her pregnancy while still a teenager. Corrie said she hoped Bethany would go on to have a successful career and would travel the world. But after accompanying the 17-year-old to hospital scans, Corrie said her shock gave way to excitement as the ultrasound revealed Bethany was expecting a boy.

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