Friday, 5 June 2015

Nigerian Ebola volunteers accuse Nigieria Center for Disease Control of embezzling N28m

Nigerian Ebola Volunteers who recently returned to the country after successfully contributing to the eradication of Ebola in Liberia, have accused the management of Nigeria Center for Disease Control of embezzling N28 million given to them by the Federal Government for the fight against the deadly virus when it ravaged Nigeria in July last year.

The volunteers also accused the Federal government, African Union and other health bodies of poor welfare while they were serving in Liberia.

They are also alleging negligence on the part of the Federal govt since they returned to Nigeria, stating that efforts have not been made to quarantine them for the stipulate 21 days for observation to avoid another break out of the deadly disease since they are coming from a country that just won its war against Ebola. They said they were just allowed to mix immediately with the public.

In a swift response, the Director-General of the Center for Disease Control, Professor Abdulsalami Nasidi

, refuted claims that the agency embezzled any money provided for the fight against Ebola virus. He said there are records to show that no shady deal was carried out. According to him, international as well as Local bodies have adjudged the Nigerian Ebola Virus eradication programme as a very transparent one.

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