Saturday, 27 June 2015

Dublin prepares for today's Pride Parade

The Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade will get underway in the city this afternoon.
The event is the centre-piece of the 10-day Pride festival and will see crowds of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people and their allies march through the streets of the city.
The parade begins at the Garden of Remembrance at 1.30pm.

Jason Flynn - chair of Dublin LGBTQ Pride - said that this year's parade will be more of a celebration than a protest, but they still have plenty to fight for.
"When you think back to those times when homosexual acts were criminalised, there was an awful lot to fight for," he said.
"And if we think of all the landmarks that have happened along the way, the decriminalisation in 1993, and now this huge celebration this year, we've got an awful lot to celebrate.
"[But there are] a few remaining things to push for - just because we've passed marriage equality, it's not automatically going to sort out all of the problems and that's why Pride will always be a platform for that."

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