Sunday, 13 April 2014

husband Snatching Drama On Facebook..Please Read.

I dont know if Sola did the right thing by bringing this war on facebook but since her husbands mistress will not leave her alone,she was left with no choice according to the gist.

This move might even crack more holes in her marriage for calling out her husbands mistress but the deed has been done......I have contacted Rukayat for her own side of this accusation but she has deactivated her facebook wah!

Zollar Sola Mudashiru Bouwtwwque
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When God gives us beauty, its to use it to uphold womanhood not to destroy homes and give women bad names . My name is
 Zollar Sola Mudashiru Bouwtwwque as all my friends know me. I live in London but travel about alot. I later got a phone call from this light skin bleaching ras girl called RUKAYAT KEJI OBALO or HANIKE OBALO telling me to stop stressing my hubby about her case. That she is dating my husband and there is nothing I can do about it. Well KEJI there is a lot I will do about it. No one I will first of all make it known to everyone all over the world what you and your crew do. After I did research about you, I found out that you have been doing this for a long time. You almost ruined FEMI JAGUAR'S AND YOMI SALAM'S MARRIAGE. Even though KUDI FEMI JAGUAR'S WUFE called you to warn you off her many times you never stopped. Yomi Salam also caught you sending love messages to her husband and comfronted you about it but you later disrespected her because you are still sleeping with her husband. PETER GESTRY also takes you to hotels for two weeks and later paid your sex setvice in kind by buying you cloths, shoes and bags which you later sent to lagos to sell. People who sell allyour goods for you will never know you sell your body to attain things to sell. 419 and london yahoo boys also use you and your flat in thamesmead as their delivery address and joint. Your first hostel in Bromley was used for prostitution and criminal activities. Yet I found you are married and your husband MR KING OBALO in Nigeria while you are messing people's homes, marriages and relationships up. Your husband sent you with your first pregnancy to london so you can have your daughter. Yet this poor man does not know that you have turned yourself into a public dog AJA IGBORO...PASS ME ROUND. What to the pregnancy you had for FEMI JAGUAR after he told you he is happily married. Men are are also fools running after a girl because she is pretty but trust she is classified as AJAKALE ARUN.. Ruka I know I can do anything ooo but GOD is watching you. By the time I'm through with you GOD will expose you. Am expecting replies from your carcus and prostitutes like you. Anyone that blames me for thus write up will never experience happiness in their lives, marriages and homes. Eni na ma ku tomo tomo ni. Because my marriage is my life and I have invested so much in it for a prostitute like RUKAYAT KEJI HANIKE OBALO AYA KING OBALO to come and distoy it. Part one leleyi ooo. Part two to follow very soon. Am not changing my number oo so keep calling me Ruka.

this is Rukayat in the green jacket

Culled from SDK

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