Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Man 'shot up to five times in front of girlfriend in Dublin

A court in Dublin has heard how a man was shot up to five times in front of his girlfriend and baby boy outside their house in Tallaght.

Eugene Cullen from Derry Road, Crumlin, has gone on trial for the murder of Seamus O'Byrne almost five years ago.
At around 8.15 on the evening of March 13, 2009, a lone gunman approached Mr O'Byrne as he left his home at Tymon Park North in Tallaght.
He shot him at point-blank range as his girlfriend sat in a car outside the house with their baby.
The gunman's escape was thwarted by the victim's girlfriend, who tackled him over a wall as her boyfriend lay in the front yard beside the car.
She managed to wrestle the gun from him, but ended up getting shot herself as he fled on foot.
Mr Cullen is not accused of pulling the trigger that day but it is the prosecution's case that he was involved in the plot to kill Mr O'Byrne.
It is alleged he attended various meetings at The Red Cow Moran Hotel, where the execution was carefully planned.
Opening the trial, Alex Owens for the DPP claimed the accused was also waiting in a nearby getaway car that left the scene once the killer got delayed
Mr Cullen denies having any involvement and his trial is due to last four weeks.
Source-Irish News

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