Friday, 24 January 2014

Teenager kills himself so his struggling family can afford his brother's medical bills

Ultimate sacrifice: As a result of his elder brother's death, Honghui (pictured), 23, successfully had a kidney transplant and doctors say he will live

     Ultimate sacrifice: As a result of his elder brother's death, Honghui (pictured), 23, successfully had a kidney transplant and doctors say he will live

Grief: Mother Zheng Tingxia lays flowers at her son's grave. His death prompted a flurry of donations, and after a two-year search, a match was found for his brother

A Chinese teenager who killed himself so his parents could afford to save his elder brother's life has been granted his dying wish... after doctors announced the surviving sibling is on the road to recovery.
Brothers Honghui, 20, and Hongtao, 18, were bother struck down with Uremia, a symptom of kidney failure, within months of each other in 2010.
Unable to afford the mounting medical bills, their parents, Chuanyou and wife Zheng Tingxia, sold almost everything they owned in search of two matching kidneys to save their son's lives.
Then, as time was beginning to run out, Hongtao locked himself in his room and drank pesticide, dying an agonising death.
In a heart-rending gesture of brotherly love, his body was found by a note, which included the words: 'Brother, when you are cured, please tell me and it will be enough for me.'
Up until summer 2010 life was good for Gao Chuanyou, his wife Zheng Tingxia and their two sons.
Both boys were at the top of their class in school and the future seemed bright as they put the finishing touches to the new house in the county of Funan in Anhui province in the central of China.
But then disaster struck when the eldest, Honghui, after a month of illness was diagnosed with uremia.
Doctors told his parents that only a kidney transplant could save their son's life. But then, just as they were coming to terms with this disaster, Hongtao was diagnosed with the same condition.
The boys' father sold everything they had including their brand-new, almost-finished house and borrowed heavily travelling around the country to various medical institutes in a bid to find a solution.
When the money ran out, teachers and friends of the two boys managed to raise another £10,000 for further treatment. But it was not enough.
Doctors had hoped that a transplant from the parents might be suitable but the boys' father was not the right tissue match, while their mother fell seriously ill when she learned of her son's condition rendering her inadmissible as a donor.
In order to continue the treatment to keep the boys alive, the parents even began begging on the street. 
Seeing his parents slowly falling into ruin and after learning that there was no tissue match, locked himself in his room, wrote a short note to his family and drank pesticide. There he died in agony.
In the note he said: 'Having both of us is ruining you, I hope now that you will be able to concentrate on my brother and save his life. When he survives as I know he will, I simply want him to say to me I made it, and I will be content.'


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