Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Wished My Husband Happy One Month Anniversary & He Replied With One Month Of Crisis Ba?

Oh well, some men though. This lady just posted this in the comment section. But one month is rather too early, mba! Go home and ask him why he made that statement. This is what she wrote; 

My Dear, my marriage is just one month today, and it seems I woke up in another home with another different man other than the man I got married to just last month. There has never been any form of misunderstanding since we got married, but got out of bed this morning and wished my husband happy one month anniversary, you know what is responds is "one month of crisis ba? U can imagine! I askd him why he has to say such and he was already threatening fire and brim stone and almost hitting me. My dear, I cried myself to office this morning and still crying, so scared of going back to that house after work. Seems something has taken possession of the loving man I dated for two years and just got married to. Its so odd how a loving man could just change overnight.


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