Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Popular Actress Wrecks Bank MD's 10 Year Marriage

For those who 'love on gossip(don't we all?Lol), here's a very interesting story to feed your appetite.
There's a little snag though, you will have to guess who the subjects of this blind item post are. 
Why are people so heartless? A marriage of over 10 years is currently gasping for breath – all because of one wicked star actress. She got involved with Managing Director of one of the biggest banks in the country today and after hypnotizing him with sex and other things, the man had to send his wife and the mother of his children packing.
The heartbroken woman first relocated to the United States of America. They were there for over six months before the man’s godfather, a retired top banker, wadded in, pleading with the woman to come back. Now in the country, the godfather is using all his persuasive skills to reconcile them. Even the parish priest of Catholic Church of the Assumption, Falomo – Ikoyi, Lagos where the couple used to worship until the actress put what God has joined asunder had to wade in at some point. But without much luck. Although the godfather has been making some progress, according to investigations.

Alphabets P and J begin the top banker and his wife’s names. Both dark skinned and bespectacled, she is from the Middle belt while he is from the South East. The destroyer of their home, incidentally, is also dark skinned. From the East and forever seeking attention, the 19th alphabet begins her first name. Also secretly romancing a showbiz mogul inspite of being married, this actress is gradually showing her true colour. The reason being that hitherto a lot of people thought she was a good girl. But she’s not. She has only been pretending all the while.  The 21st alphabet begins the name of the bank and it has been in existence for decades, but undergone several transformations.

Bank MD's and scandals Let the decoding begin.


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