Friday, 19 February 2016

DONT Try These Abroad....

Reasons Not To Do It

France – In fact, asking about money is impolite in many countries but French sometimes treat this especially critically.

Ukraine – People in Ukraine as well as in most Slavic countries bring even number of flowers to the cemeteries.

New Zealand – Honking in New Zealand is often used when intended to insult another driver pointing out that you strongly disagree with his or her actions.

India – Kissing or holding hand are also forbidden being considered as something highly inappropriate to do in public.

Japan – Japanese are proud to provide the best service as standard without waiting for the tips. Mexico – Locals love to make jokes and they are generally fun and innocent, so treat it that way.

Norway – Many people don’t go to church at all and such question would be rude to ask.

Turkey – This is an obscene gesture in Turkey.

UK – Such behavior is usually condemned. Ireland – Locals don’t think they have any accent at all. There are only accents of other parts of Ireland that they recognize as such.

Germany – People believe that the person may not live to the birthday if congratulated with it beforehand.

Kenya – Only do it after someone has called you by the name first.

Chile – Manners matter here.

Singapore – Also don’t feed birds, and don’t throw garbage and don’t spit on the street.

USA – Tipping is obligatory and there are even rates of how much to tip for any service you use.

Italy – Of course, you can order it in the restaurant but in such case be ready for the surprised look of the waiter. Italians drink cappuccino for breakfast, that’s the reason.

Hungary – Though it’s an old habit, some people still prefer to avoid clinking glasses especially when drinking beer.

China – They are believed to bring bad luck when given as presents.


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