Friday, 27 November 2015

PIC: Woman bought this apple juice from Lidl: Check out what she says she found inside

A shopper has said she had a very bad experience at a Lidl store recently when she purchased a carton of 'Simply Apple Juice' which was congealed with floating bits.
A woman named Riya Islam, purchased a carton of ‘Simply Apple Juice from her local Lidl store in Trim Co. Meath.

Riya said although the pack was dated 26 March 2016, there was something very wrong with the juice.
Riya said she tasted the liquid only to be revolted by the taste.
Opening up the pack, Riya described the contents of the pack to be “rotten” with “lots of soft black objects inside, mould etc”.
Taking it back to the store, Riya said she showed her juice pack to members of staff.
In response, Riya said a staff member gave her a form to fill out and told her she would get a call, which Riya says never happened.
After a week, Riya said she called the store and again got no response, so decided to contact us.
We contacted Lidl for comment. They said: "Our Customer Service team have now been in contact with the customer to get further information and are looking to investigate the matter further."

Culled from Irish News

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