Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hundreds of thousands of refugees pour into Europe

Europe's leaders bring back border controls with free-movement zone on brink of collapse

Berlin had sought to criticise others - including Britain - for not taking in enough refugees after it announced it would no longer deport those coming from Syria.
But last night, as the numbers crossing into Germany reached nearly 150 per hour, it asked Italy to impose identification checks at Brennero, on the border with Austria, to ease the flow (bottom left). In the Czech Republic, around 200 migrants trying to head to Germany from Hungary were hauled off trains in the southern region of Moravia. Police officers used permanent marker pens to number the refugees (bottom right), who included dozens of children, before arresting them. In Greece, ferries arrived in Athens (pictured centre) carrying more than 4,000 migrants from the holiday island of Kos. Refugees broke through a police cordon in new clashes on the Greek border with Macedonia (top right). Meanwhile, hundreds gathered in a transit zone below Keleti station in Budapest (top left).

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