Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Young student gets 9 A1s in his Leaving Cert

David Glynn who got 9 A1's in his leaving Cert in Castlebar, Co. Mayo. Photo : Keith Heneghan / Phocus

A MAYO student has secured nine A1s in his Leaving Cert, netting him a staggering 925 points in total.

David Glynn from Castlebar secured the highest points in the country. The students at St Gerald College in Castlebar collected his results this morning and was said to be "astounded" by the outcome.
David had earned the highest possible points in all subjects, focusing on science and maths subjects but also finding time for Japanese. He received the bonus points for the top grade in higher maths bringing is overall points to 925.
Principal at the school Daniel Hyland said he was delighted for the young student.
"David is a very kind and extraordinary humble student. He was absolutely astounded when he saw his results and I was thrilled for him. All of the students who saw his results were equally thrilled for him and he's obviously held in high regard among his class mates," he added.
Mr Hyland said he understood David wished to study maths in Trinity, adding "that won't be a problem for him now."
The St Gerald's principal said he was delighted for all the students at the school who had all worked hard for their results.
David studied Higher Maths, Applied Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Irish, English, French, Japanese and Music.
Mr Hyland also praised teachers at the school for their "tremendous work with all the students".
Aoife Corcoran, a pupil at Loreto College, St. Stephen's Green in Dublin, arrived at her school just after 9am this morning, accompanied by her Mum, Dad and little brother.
The school principal, Ms Barrett, told the assembled media outside that "a very special lady was about to appear on the steps."
Aoife, from Rathmines in Dublin, emerged and told that she was relieved and shocked but happy.
"My family and I have been bracing ourselves for today," she said.
Aoife said she plans to celebrate her success with friends in Dicey's on Harcourt Street tonight.
She said that studying things she likes helped her to achieve her remarkable result.
"I did chemistry, physics, accounting, german and music," she said.
Meanwhile, identical twins, Alva and Niamh Casey (19) from Dalkey recorded almost identical point tallies, with Alva receiving a staggering eight A1s and Niamh recording 595 points.
The subjects Alva studied were Irish, English, Maths, French, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Music, and Principal of Loreto Abbey Secondary School, Robert Dunne told the Herald, you couldn’t meet a more laid back pair.
“800 points, that’s some achievement,” said Mr Dunne.
“I’m delighted with their successes, because they were really diligent students and worked consistently over the two years,”
“It’s an incredible story but they’re just such humble kids, you’ve never met a more laidback pair, but they’re really, really good,” he added.
Elsewhere, Music-mad Ciaran O’Donovan said he was “delighted and surprised” after scooping eight A1 grades.
The St Fachtna’s High School student, in Skibereen, Co Cork, studied French, Business, Biology and Physics as well as Music outside of school, in addition to the core subjects.
But despite his massive 625 points total, he said he is looking forward to taking up a place on an Arts with Music course in University College Cork – expected to be around 400 points.
“I have a big interest in music and that is what I hope to do in college,” he told
“The course is in UCC and it’s arts with music. The points didn’t really come into for me. I was confident I would get the course but I wasn’t expecting 625 - or eight A1s for that matter.”
He said he considered other course like medicine and dentistry but in his heart knew music was his real passion.
“Music is what I love and I do in my spare time so when you do have an interest like that it makes sense to make it your career,” he said.
Ciaran, who bagged 10 A grades and one B in his Junior Cert, said he found it important to get the “balance right” between study and other interests but did admit to some “last-minute cramming” in the weeks before the exam.
He said he was now lining up a well-deserved break in Killarney with friends to celebrate.

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