Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Obese woman, 35, who dropped 11st in six months is now battling anorexia

Victoria Burnham who shed 11st now battling anorexia and 'obsessed' with dieting

Victoria Burnham, 35, from Bridlington, began losing weight in January after ballooning to 23st (left). Within six months she had lost 11 stone (right) - almost half her body weight - and had developed anorexia.
Although she went to the GP, as she had a healthy BMI, he said she 'didn't have an issue'. She continued to lose weight, becoming too weak to lift up her children, and as she could no longer care for them they were forced to go and live with their father. She would faint if she walked even a short distance, and had to give up her job as a special needs support worker. Now, she is being treated for anorexia at Hull Royal Infirmary, and is calling for more to be done to help people with hidden eating disorders.

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