Tuesday, 4 August 2015

FG candidate says abortion in Ireland is long overdue

A Fine Gael general election candidate says abortion in Ireland is long overdue.
Kate O'Connell says she's in favour of abortion being made available in all cases up to ten weeks.

The Dublin City Councillor was told her son Pierce had just a ten percent chance of survival at 20 weeks due to serious birth defects - he is now 4 years old and healthy.
But Councillor O'Connell says her experiences of the limited options available here, made it clear to her that Irish women should have a choice.
"All sorts of circumstances can arise, and I'm not one to impose my views on anybody else, and what I'm saying is that freedom of choice out there for self-governing, autonomous women who can make their decisions, and we should provide for the decisions that they make," said Cllr O'Connell.
"I think this is long overdue."

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