Tuesday, 4 August 2015

David Beckham's FORTY tattoos - and the meaning behind each design

A look back at David Beckham's 40 tattoos and the special meaning behind each design

While he has over 40 inking in total, the most visible tattoos on David Beckham appear to be the ones that have the most meaning...  

1. 99 - The year he married wife Victoria
2. 'Pray for me'
3. An angel and the words 'Let them hate as long as they fear'
4. Winged cross
5. Pretty Lady - For his daughter, Harper
6. Harper - The name of his only daughter
7. Jesus being lifted by Cherubs
8. Star of David 
9.Grandad - a tribute to grandfather Joe
10. Roses
11. Large angel and words 'In the face of adversity'
12. Clouds 
13. The man of sorrows - in tribute to his late grandfather Joe West
14. 'Victoria' - in Hebrew
15. 'I am my beloved and my beloved is mine'
16. Stars
17. Lead with love

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