Monday, 24 August 2015

A YOUNG woman who fell from a balcony at a nightclub may never walk again, her family fears.

Ciara O'Brien (18) fell from a flat roof at the Moorings nightclub on Market Street.

Ciara O’Brien (18) was airlifted from Cork University Hospital for surgery at the spinal injury unit in the Mater Hospital in Dublin after the accident in Kinsale, Co Cork,  in the early hours of Saturday.
Her uncle, John O’Mahony, has revealed that she has no feeling in her legs.
“The feeling might not come back at all,” he said.
“Her spinal cord wasn’t severed but it has been damaged.
“We don’t know how bad it will be.
“Everyone is totally shocked and out of sorts. It’s horrendous.”
Gardai have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the fall and are interviewing staff at the premises, where a beach-themed party was being held.
Ciara fell from a flat roof at the Moorings nightclub on Market Street.
She completed her Leaving Cert this year at Kinsale Community School and had attended her debs last week.
She had just got a part-time job at the Moorings, but was out with other staff members during the beach night when the accident happened.
Local Fianna Fail councillor Alan Coleman said the community had been shocked to hear of the accident.
“The debs was in Kinsale just last Wednesday night,” he told the Herald.
“It’s a big thing every year in Kinsale, a big community event.”
Mr Coleman said that everybody was hopeful that Ciara would have a full recovery.
Ciara’s parents are originally from Kinsale, and the family are well-known and well-respected in the community.
Declan Ryan, who was working at the club at the time of the accident, said all the staff were hoping and praying Ciara will recover.
“It was simply just a freak accident,” he said.
He added that Ciara fell about eight feet from the side of the building.
“It wasn’t in the club, it was beside it,” he said.
An ambulance was called and Ciara was rushed to Cork University Hospital.
She was subsequently transferred to the Mater Hospital.
The staff of the Moorings offered words of support on Facebook yesterday.
“All our thoughts and prayers go out to our good friend Ciara O’Brien from Kinsale,” they wrote.
“Get well soon C and we hope to see you soon.”


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