Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What sort of person agrees to marry a STRANGER for a reality TV show?

Emma and James agreed to marry for reality TV show Married At First Sight

Modern marriage may come in all shapes and forms, but tying the knot with someone you've just met is hardly the greatest advertisement for the sanctity of this ancient institution.
Forget commitment, romance and a faithful, loving relationship - instead, why not put on a big, white dress, invite your nearest and dearest and make a binding vow to someone you just clapped eyes on barely five minutes before? That's what Emma Rathbone, 32, and James Ord-Hume (pictured together above), 33, did. The couple were matched together for Channel 4's new reality show Married At First Sight by a team of experts (bottom right) - but now they admit they don't even fancy each other.

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