Monday, 27 July 2015

Student suffers serious burns when her phone charger EXPLODES across her bedroom setting it ablaze

Woman suffers burns when her phone charger explodes and sets her bedroom ablaze

Katy Emslie, 26 (inset), was using her laptop to recharge a portable EE power bar at her home in Aberdeen when the charger shot out 'like a firework' and flew across the room, setting alight to the carpet.
She said the charger crashed into a wall, charring the carpet below it (left), and caused a fire under her bed. In a panic, she tried to extinguish the flames with her bare hands, leaving them badly burned (right). She said: 'I tried patting the flames out with my hand because I was worried that the fire could spread.' Ms Emslie was then taken to A&E where medics spent hours treating her burns. They popped the blisters on her hands to allow the fluid to drain out before the burns were re-dressed.

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