Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Angry Residents Smash Pastor’s Head For Preaching

48-year-old South African Pastor Zander Emenogo has been preaching the word of God on the streets for 10 years until the day street thugs waylaid and assaulted him.
Daily Sun reports that the pastor of The Evangelical Christian Assembly of South Africa spent Saturday preaching about drugs, crime and violence in the streets and parks of Joburg. Out of nowhere, two young men stopped him and told him that he had a big mouth.

The Nigerian-born pastor, a father of two, who has remained undaunted in spite of his experience, now lives in Berea. He said he has to pass on the message whether it offended someone or not.
Read what he narrated to Daily Sun below:
“I go where the Lord leads me. On Saturday I was standing on the corner of Delvers and Claim streets in the CBD.”
“While I was preaching, there were rough guys looking at me. I was scared but I had no choice. I passed on the word of God”.
Angry Residents Smash Pastor's Head For Disturbing The Streets With Noise While Preaching (Photos) 2
“I didn’t know I was pushing the wrong buttons as I preached. I only realised that when I was done and preparing to go home.”
“Before I could respond I felt a heavy blow on my head and I fell down. I only woke up four hours later in a hospital bed,” he said.
“When I went back to preach on Monday on other streets I was threatened.”
“A man told me what the guys did on Saturday was nothing compared to what was to come if I didn’t stop what I’m doing. I preach what the Lord tells me.”
“No arrests have been made and the police are investigating,” he concluded.

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