Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rollercoaster horror one rider lose a leg and three others seriously injured

Alton Towers staff did not get to crushed rollercoaster car for '10 minutes'

The victims - three of them teenagers - were crushed after their carriage ploughed into an empty cart on the £18million Smiler ride. One is thought to have lost a leg, a staff source said. It took five hours to cut all the passengers free from the wreckage and two were pictured hanging 25ft upside down.
Eyewitnesses said those injured in the crash waited for 'a good ten minutes' before staff arrived on the scene. The 53mph rollercoaster has been dogged with faults since it opened two years ago and had broken down earlier in the day. The empty cart was on the track for a test run and had halted when it was hit from behind by a car packed with 16 visitors. Parkgoers spoke last night of their anger that the ride, which has a world record 14 loops, was operating after a series of faults.

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