Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cooks poison family just two weeks into employment IN Nigeria

According to a report by Vanguard Victor connived with one David Amusu, the former cook of his employers, Omowunmi Fadojutimi and Mr. Nwogu Chinaka to drug them and bring armed robbers into their home to steal. 
On April 22nd, Victor made vegetable soup for his employers who after eating became ill and were rushed to the hospital. The same illness that befell his employers also befell two other domestics staffs in the compound.

A test carried out on them showed they had all been poisoned. His employers suspected foul play and lodged a complaint at a police station. According to the Lagos state Police Commissioner, Kayode Aderanti, Victor ran away immediately he poisoned his victims.
“Efforts to arrest him proved abortive initially. But he was eventually arrested through investigation and deployment of advanced technology.
During interrogation, he confessed to have put some substances in the food served and further confessed that David Amusu, the former cook, who recommended him to the complainant, gave him the substance and directed him on how to administer it. He admitted that their intention was to gain unfettered access into the inner rooms and rob the complainant after they must have passed out.

Victor blamed his accomplice, David for pushing him to commit the crime
 "I put the substance into their food and it was given to me by David. He told me the drug was a sleeping tablet and that it would put them all to sleep so that they would gain easy access into the house. But I took to my heels when the gate man told me that the doctors said they were suffering from food poisoning.”he said
His accomplice, David who is also from Benin republic, said the administered substance was 10 tablets of Super Appetite which he grounded and gave to Victor to administer
"I left my former boss because I was not feeling well. I have recommended four cooks to her but she kept saying they were not good. Hounkpe was the last person I introduced to her. But when he got the job, he called me and said we should rob the family, that they were rich. He asked if I had any sleeping tablet that would put them to sleep. So I ground 10 tablets of Super Appetite and gave it to him. Our intention was never to kill anyone but to rob and leave for Benin Republic, where we intend to establish our business.”he said

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