Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Innocent man whose marriage fell apart after he was suspected of murder remarries his ex-wife

Innocent man whose marriage fell apart in the 11 years he was suspected of murdering

Phil and Jill Williams (pictured right renewing their vows), from Camelford, Cornwall, who divorced in 2008 - five years after Mr Williams, 54, was arrested on suspicion of strangling pensioner Joan Roddam (inset) - have remarried after he was cleared of her death.
Although Mr Williams, 54, was never charged with the crime, which occurred in November 2003, he remained a suspect for 11 years. He has now been cleared of any wrongdoing after neighbour Patrick Curran (left) was convicted of the 74-year-old's murder and jailed for life. The Williams' marriage broke down due to the stress of the case but they have now rekindled their romance and remarried in a quiet ceremony in front of their four children and two close friends. Mrs Williams, 50, said she 'always knew' her husband was innocent, despite the fact police had him down as he suspect after he raised the alarm about her murder. Earlier this year, Curran was jailed for murdering Mrs Roddam and concealing her body underneath a wheelbarrow after she spurned his sexual advances.

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