Friday, 19 September 2014

Ex Governor’s Daughter Kemi Olunloyo Beaten Up By Sister And Special Adviser To Oyo State Governor

Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo,Daughter of former governor of Oyo State,known for her controversial way of life,was allegedly beaten to a stupor by her elder sister and nephew on Wednesday.

Kemi through her spokesperson, Zoie Roberts in a press statement, disclosed that the incident occurred in Ibadan at 5.15 pm, Wednesday, September 17 2014.

She was allegedly attacked in front of her Agodi residence while in a long running altercation with her sister Ms Funke Olunloyo, the Oyo state Special Adviser to the Governor on Education.
While being beaten, her mother allegedly cheered on and encouraged the act.

Her sister Funke Olunloyo, formerly Omitowoju and a mother of 4 assaulted her in public, accusing her of trying to bring the Oyo APC government down.
According to the statement, several motorists and bikers witnessed Kemi being beaten brutally and smashed in the head with a huge flower pot by a 15 year old boy, her nephew Fifehan Omitowoju and son of businessman Muyiwa Omitowoju, Funke’s ex husband.

The statement further reads: “Her mother, former Oyo state First Lady Mrs Funmilayo Olunloyo was also seen kicking Kemi in the head along with her grandson and daughter Funke.

“Mrs Funmilayo Olunloyo was heard cheering them on and was saying ‘Good, she’s dead, let her die’, as Kemi lay motionless with internal head injuries.
“Kemi suffered head injuries, knee bruises, a huge cut on her toe. She is slowly recovering from the Wednesday attack with internal head injuries and thanks to her fans, colleagues and partners for all the kind wishes”.culled

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