Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Woman sits on toilet — bitten on rear by snake

A Spanish woman went to hospital after being bitten on her bottom by a snake as she sat on the toilet.

Iris Castroverde, a mother-of-two, was bitten on the left buttock.
Frightened neighbors are "psychotic" because the bright yellow and green snake is still on the loose, said one resident of the town of Naron, northern Spain, where the reptile struck.
After biting 30-year-old Castroverde, the snake disappeared down the drain after she flushed, reported The Local.
Castroverde said the snake was around 20 centimetres (eight inches) long.
The incident happened at around 11pm. Castroverde heard a noise, then a splash and then felt the bite.
"It happened to me, but it could have happened to my two children," she told Spain's ABC newspaper.
Neighbours now say they are too frightened to go to the toilet.
"I prefer to pee standing up," said one female neighbour.


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