Sunday, 29 December 2013

Mother Meets Killer Of Her Son And Tells Him Shocking Words....- Priceless!!

This is an unusual and touching scene where a mother who lost her son after a shooting in Brazil, meets his murderer.
After one year of his death, Maria Nice knew the murderer, Alisson had been arrested and she decided to visit him at the police station.
She was followed by TV cameras which captured the very touching and surprising moment when she said: “You are forgiven in the name of Jesus. I am a Christian, and I am forgiving you!”

Alisson was visibly stunned by her words and only tried to look away from her eyes. But she urged him to keep looking at her.
“I will be praying for you. And you will find the God that I serve.”
“I don’t hate you."
She then prayed for him before she left. “Lord be with Alisson wherever he is. Don’t leave him even a minute, Lord. Touch his soul as you have touched mine. Comfort his mother, Lord, who must be suffering as much as I am. I thank for all Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen!”....culled


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