Friday, 15 September 2017

Explosion In London Tube Underground Carriage Injures Many

A container exploded on a packed London Tube Friday morning leading to panic after several passengers suffered facial burns.
Multiple people have been injured when a container exploded on a packed London Underground tube carriage during rush hour - causing widespread panic - in what's being treated as a 'terrorist' incident.

Witnesses reported a "fireball flew down a carriage" when a white 'builder's DIY type' tub or bucket in a Lidl bag 'with wires coming out of it' exploded filling a rear carriage with smoke at Parsons Green Station.

Several passengers suffered facial burns among other injuries believed to have been suffered as panicked commuters rushed to get out of the train.

There was a "stampede" to get out of the station into nearby Fulham Road - causing a 'crush' with people worried there was a 'bomb'.

One passenger said that a "fireball flew down carriage and we just jumped out open door". Another commuter said she "saw a bag, flash and a bang".

Pictures from the scene appear to show that the white container in a Lidl bag near a door had wires coming out of it - and two hours after the blast police confirmed they are treating this as a "terrorist-related incident".

Dozens of armed police officers - alongside members of the bomb disposal team - rushed to the scene and shouted as commuters to 'get somewhere safe quickly'.

Witnesses reported seeing a fellow passenger with their face 'covered in blood' - while others suffered minor burns. Unconfirmed reports say 'at least 20 people' have been injured.

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