Saturday, 15 October 2016

African migrants are forced to live in the streets in France

An anonymous Frenchman wearing a hidden camera recorded the aftermath of a raid on a migrant camp on Avenue de Flandre in the north of the French capital. After the migrants had been forced on to buses by police officers in full riot gear, all that was left was sidewalks blocked with trash, junk and mattresses (Top left and bottom right).
The video also captures the scene before the hundreds of young Africans, mainly Sudanese and Eritreans, were confronted by riot shields and tear gas. The men are shown forced to live and sleep on flat pieces of cardboard (pictured bottom left), with all their worldly belongings stuffed into plastic bags. However the authors of the video, entitled 'Scenes from the apocalypse, were not sympathetic to the plight of the migrants - blaming them for ruining the iconic image of the French capital.
Culled from Dailymail

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