Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Bank Robber Caught After Running Past Live TV Report

Bank robber

A live TV report on a bank robbery in Minnesota was interrupted when the reporter suddenly realized the bank robber had run right past him.

KIMT’s Adam Sallet was reporting outside Rochester’s Sterling State Bank Tuesday when a bank employee suddenly came sprinting out of building and said something inaudible to Sallet.
“What? Oh, that’s the robber?” Sallet asked, pointing to a man off-screen.
“Uh, this is live TV, folks. That’s the robber [who] just went by, according to the bank employee,” he continued. “So, uh, I gotta go here and call 911.”
True to his word, Sallet called the police and the suspect was apprehended. He later reported that he watched the man walk very slowly into the bank and found it suspicious, but he “didn’t think anything of it.”

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