Thursday, 22 October 2015

A Murdered Woman’s Body Found Hanging on a Fence is Mistaken for a Halloween Decoration


An Ohio woman trying desperately to flee her assailant was found snagged on a fence and deceased.
31-year-old Rebecca Cade’s sleeve appears to have become caught on barbed wire while trying to climb a fence surrounding a power plant. When fencing contractors found her on October 13th, they initially mistook her for a dummy and a Halloween decoration.

It’s been determined that she died from blunt force trauma to her face and head. A large rock covered in blood was found nearby.


27-year-old Donnie Cochenour was arrested later that day for her murder.
Rebecca was reported to have had past troubles with drugs and the law. Her cousin, Denise Hughes, has raised the woman’s 15-month-old son since birth.
“She was always running the streets and always doing the drugs, but she had people who loved her,” she said. “I hope she knew that.”

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