Thursday, 3 September 2015

Nigerian conman whose 'lottery win' fraud cheated pensioners out of £5million

Nigerian conman cheated pensioners out of £5m life savings

A conman funded a playboy lifestyle by cheating pensioners out of their life savings.
Godwin Nwaofor, 36, kept a 'suckers list' of potential victims to send bogus letters saying they had won the Australian Lottery.
The Nigerian national received around £1million from the scam and blew the money on luxury cars, gold jewellery and expensive champagne at top nightclubs in London.

Nwaofor was a ‘willing and enthusiastic lieutenant’ to the mastermind of the con, another Nigerian, Frank Onyechonam, who was nicknamed ‘Fizzy’ for his love of vintage champagne.
Onyeachonam was jailed eight years last year, after he was exposed as the chief player in the scam.
He drove a Maserati and fired bubbly corks across exclusive private members clubs as he lived a life of fantastic luxury on his victim’s life savings.
The scam started with a bogus letter to a vulnerable pensioner telling them they had won the Australian Lottery.
The letters were sent by a ‘lottery agent’ targeting mainly American pensioners informing them they had won a life-changing prize and requesting a modest sum to release the funds.
Believing they had won, victims were hooked into paying fees to release their ‘winnings’ through an agent who would demand ‘activation fees’ to release their cash.
In some cases, dupes set up businesses in an attempt to receive their winnings and became unwitting money mules laundering cash from other victims.

Culled from Dailymail

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