Sunday, 30 November 2014

Two boys, aged six and seven, found baby's body while digging in the sand at busy Sydney beach

Two young boys, aged six and seven, found the infant while digging in the sand at the southern end of Maroubra Beach

'The under six Nippers were digging in the sand and they found it,' one surf lifesaver, who did not wish to be named, told Daily Mail Australia.
'It's just awful. It will have traumatised the poor the kids for life, no matter how much counseling they get.'

'It hits so close to home. Especially after that baby was found in a drain last week.' 
Maroubra Surf Life Saving is providing counselling for the two boys who discovered the body, as well as other surf club members. 
The surf lifesaver also mentioned that the far south and north ends of the beach can be troublesome areas, saying that the lack of light or any kind of surveillance meant they attracted some questionable behaviour. 
A witness who had spoken to someone working on the scene early this morning told Daily Mail Australia they believed the baby to be a little girl.
But Inspector Andrew Holland could not confirm this, telling Daily Mail Australia the sex of the child was still unknown due to decomposition.
He said the child was found buried underneath 30cm of sand, about 50 metres away from the closest footpath and 20-30 metres from the water line.
He said it was difficult to determine how long the body had been buried due to the heat and location.
'The sex and age of the child is unable to be determined at this point due to the decomposition of the body,' Inspector Holland said.
'The two young children reported it to their father who was nearby, who in turn contacted police.
'Police arrived a very short time later and established a crime scene and all the parents and events on that side of the beach were evacuated.'
Officers have not yet been able to locate the family of the infant and Inspector Holland said they had concerns for the welfare of the infant's mother, urging anyone with information to come forward.
Police said they planned to excavate as much sand as possible from the area in which the body was found, to assist them with their investigation.  
A post mortem examination will be conducted to establish the cause of the child's death. 
Locals in the Maroubra area were left shocked and saddened by the discovery of the baby's body.
Many cited last week's case when a baby was discovered in a drain in south-west Sydney, baffled that two such horrible events have occurred so close together.
But despite the grisly events, hundreds of beach goers remained on the sand and in the surf, many unaware of what was unfolding just a few hundred metres from them.
Many shop owners at the north end of the beach told Daily Mail Australia they were devastated at the news.
Shahid at the nearby Marini cafe said there was a large party on at the surf club last night which went past 2am.
He did not draw a link between the two but said people were on the south end of beach until the early hours of the morning.
'I was here (at the cafe) until at least 12am and there was singing and screaming', he told Daily Mail Australia.
Police spent most of Sunday combing the beach for evidence or any clues to what may have happened.
By around 4.30pm all officers had packed up and left the scene.
The president of the South Maroubra Surf Club, Paul Fownes, told Daily Mail Australia that the club's management were not able to confirm if the two boys who found the body were Nippers members. 
Patrol Captain for Maroubra Surf Life Saving, Phil Dutton, was shocked to hear of the body's discovery, but said a lot of suspicious activity happens at the south end of Maroubra Beach.
'Suspect activity happens down there all the time, we need CCTV cameras', he told Daily Mail Australia.


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