Monday, 18 August 2014

Cheating Is Suicidal,My Ex-Hubby Just Tested HIV Positive....

I'm writing this cos of the recent post on a cheating spouse, I had my share of cheating with my ex-husband and my opinion this is based on experience and this is my story.... My fellow Blog Visitors, PLEASE if your husband is cheating on u,LEAVE. Don't be in denial and say you are staying for your kids cos when the monstrous sickness comes knocking, you won't be alive to take care of those kids that made you stay. 


My life is a testimony, even though I feel sad but I can't help thanking God for helping me leave when I did. My husband was cheating on me, I woke up one morning, packed a few things and left. I told myself I won't stick my ass there playing wife while he goes out there to bring any disease and hook it on me. 

It was a scary decision cos I was worried about money, I wasn't working, I was concerned about leaving those cars behind,the posh life in VGC and summer vacations in choice countries.But one morning I realised that my life is worth more than those stuffs and it didn't matter if I had nothing.

 I had to save my head and LEAVE, so I left 3yrs ago and We've been separated ever since .I moved into a one room apartment in almost a slum area of Lagos and went sometimes without food even though my supposed husband was earning a 7 figure salary and living in a VGC mansion. He never gave me a dime and I never asked, sometimes, very few times, he would send me N400 recharge card and that's it (when I was wit him,we buy cards in packs,I never had less that 30k airtime in my phone at a time). 

I wasn't bitter, I still managed to maintain a cordial relationship with him though we didn't have any kid together, he had his freedom to sleep with all the girls in Lagos state and was even telling me of his escapades and seeking my advice at times. 

It was all OK until I got his distress call yesterday.(On Saturday)

He sounded distraught, I wondered what has gone wrong in his COMPLETE world. He dropped the Bombshell....'He just tested HIV positive'. His perfect world has started crumbling right in his eyes, as much as it's been a long time coming, I felt so sorry for him and I still really do. 

I encouraged him to get several opinions but he was too nervous to go on his own so I offered to go with him. We went to some best hospitals in VI and ran some tests and even the confirmation serology but sadly....He is indeed HIV positive.

As much as I hurt for him, I thank God I walked when I did, if I had stayed back to play the dutiful wife, Stella na another story e for be o. 
I would be getting married to the love of my life by the end of the year and I hope to still be there for my ex-husband as much as I can

Yes I know, today is Sunday,Lagoon hospital in VI ran the tests today. They work on Sundays. I will attach the receipt to this mail but shield his name column, just so you see and understand. you will see the lagoon stamp on it too, I would have snapped the logo side but then, his name would show and I would not want another soul to know his status, he wouldn't want that either, so am just trying to respect that.

I am with the receipt, he was too nervous to collect the receipt after payment but he has the result print out,he said he will shred it when he gets home cos he can't bear to look at it. 

He had some tests done with one hospital in VGC yesterday, that was before he called me, it came out positive, I then encouraged him to try Lagoon cos we were using Lagoon before our break up and I am certain they are good. infact I met him up at lagoon, immediately after service still in my church wear.(I live in the mainland)

At first they did the normal HIV strip test and tagged it inclusive, stating that it is the hospital policy not to conclude the strip tests result until he does a confirmation serology test. We had him do the serology, it confirmed our worst fears. He is devastated now but my prayers are with him, at least as stupid as it sounds,I consoled him that he is lucky it is not Ebola, just trying to give him some hope.

Funny he called tonight trying to talk me into moving back into the house or relocating abroad with him or something just to be with him cos he doesn't want to die alone according to him, he offered to pay me whatever I want monthly and never to even give me a handshake if I agree to move back in with him but there is NO WAY am going back there, it doesn't matter what he offers.
I wouldn't be that stupid to start carrying what I had no hand in, I won't pay for another's sins abeg.

I will really try to support him the best I can but that's it.

(By the am still up in shock, it's hard to sleep with such a sad news and the shock that It could have been me and him in this mess if I had stayed)

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