Thursday, 17 July 2014

Shocking Blog Visitor Narrative.....Popular Pastor Takes Nude Photos Of Her After Virginity Test.

Hello Stella. I want to share a story with your blog visitors and read what everyone has to say and if there is an organization I can report to to take up the case. 

My family and I attend this church in Nigeria. Very popular, so will withhold the name of the church for now. I thought it was a Godly church until I got married and I had to switch to my husbands church and I started seeing things differently. 

The particular issue disturbing me out of the many things that happened is what I want to discus now. When I told the The General overseer of the church that I was getting married, he invited me to come over to his place ( I was a worker in the church so it's actually a privilege for your presence to be requested for his blessings). 

He said as his daughter that God permitted him to check my virginity. (Actually, when I was in primary 5 he did checks on my virginity and also when I was about to enter the university). 

This time around after checking my virginity, he took nude pictures of me with my legs open and some others where I was partially dressed. 

I have seen the light now, but I feel violated and the thought of him still having my nude pictures bothers me. Is there anything or anyone I can meet to take up the case? This is a big church and this whole thing and even more is still going on. 

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