Friday, 4 April 2014

This Black Man Raped A 21 Year Old Lady And Has Been Declared Wanted!

Ruhr Nachrichten reports that on March 29,2014 this black man raped a 21 year old lady at one of Dortmunds train station Huckarde….The Dortmund police got his picture from the CCTV installed at the train station and today declared him as a wanted man.
According to the Police report,the rapist left the train station at 21:55pm following the lady who was leaving the train station as well.

He caught up with her and walked past her and she did not see him again or suspect anything.

When she got to another section of the station where nobody was at that time,he attacked her,pinned her to the floor and raped her

He is believed to be between 30-40years old,speaks the German Language without an accent and believed to be 175metres tall.

After raping her,he robbed her of her handbag and her handy…She went immediately to the Police after her rapist fled.

the police is looking for witnesses who recognise or know this man to come forward with any information on how they can apprehend him.
The Dortmund police can be contacted with telephone number +492311327441.

If you live in Nigeria or Germany and you recognise this man,please contact the police ASAP.


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