Monday, 31 March 2014

The luckiest couple on Earth

Third time's a charm: Calvin and Zatera Spencer are millionaires after winning three lottery games in only two weeks

A lucky Virginia couple won the lottery THREE times this month to become instant millionaires.
Calvin and Zatera Spencer hit the jackpot with a $1million win in the Powerball lottery earlier this month.

Two weeks later, on March 26, they won $50,000 on a Pick 4 game and the following day scored a further $1million prize on a scratch card., 'Baby, we did it again!' He told his wife.
The amazing run of luck for the couple from Portsmouth began on March 12th when they won the $1million prize after matching the first five numbers in that night's Powerball draw, according to the Daily Press.
Matching the Powerball would have netted the lottery fans the entire jackpot of $60million.
The odds against winning the $1million Powerball prize are more than one in five million, according to the game's website.
The following day he stopped at a convenience store and bought a scratchcard - and this time scooped a further $1million.
The second huge score came on a $100 Million Cash Extravaganza ticket, and beat odds of more than one in a million, according to the Virginia Lottery.
He was offered the choice of the full $1m over 30 years but opted to go for a lump sum.
Spence said they will continue to play the lottery.
'We're not finished yet' he said.


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