Thursday, 5 December 2013

Youth Copper died underneath Igbo boyfriend

A super rich Igbo businessman who once contested to be a governor and a senator is currently cursing his robust appetite for sex. The man who is of average height and not-too-fair skinned, recently in Abuja, caused the death of his NYSC girlfriend.

How exactly the poor girl lost her life is still unknown. All that is known is that she breathed her last while both of them were making love. “She died in active service or in the heat of passion”, joked one of our sources. The girl was in her 20s, had Orji as her surname and hailed from Anambra State like the man. Pretty and adventurous, it was her love for money and the good things of life which the man always provided for that led to her untimely death.
In his 40s and in love with exotic automobiles and living large, rumours flying left, right and centre now have it that he just settled the girl’s family with N3 million! Popularly known as PNU, some of the money will be used for the burial and the remaining pocketed by the family. The Nigeria Police have also been sorted out, after the man pressed some powerful buttons, using his wealth and connection.
Still troubled by his girlfriend’s unexpected death, many are praying that with all the lessons he has learnt from this misadventure, the man may finally give his life to Christ, who he has been professing lately to love and worship so much. But, like our source concluded: “Time will tell whether that is real or not. Because the man is a chronic womaniser”.- 

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