oshiomhole marry widow
 “Governor Adams Oshiomhole Should Marry Go & Die Widow, Joy Ifijeh”- Nigerians
The governor of Edo state has made a good decision by apologising to oppressed widow, Mrs Joy Ifijeh but some folks want more than a mere apology.
Some people who saw several photos of the widower governor and the widow together want them to go behind just a cup of tea.
Folks want them to get married since both of them are single.
PREMIUM TIMES interviewed some folks who assumed the two met by divine arrangement.
The respondents were of the opinion that, being a widower, there was no harm in the Governor remarrying and that it would be appropriate to marry a widow.
Check out some comments below:
“I am of the opinion and conviction that the meeting and the incident between the governor and the widow, which later attracted public attention, was divine. As we can see today, the governor felt for the woman, had to apologise over the error and even empowered her,” Albert Ashipa, a politician based in Edo State
“From my own opinion, I think God has a purpose for the two of them and there is nothing wrong if the two eventually fall in love, in view of their marital positions. I believe both cannot and should not remain single parents for life,” Adunni Eweje, a trader in Kuto market.
“The development is God’s doing and I want to advise the governor and the woman to make good use of the divine opportunity as they are known to be facing the same challenges,” Mr.Rasak  Ayinla, a civil servant said.
“I equally support the suggestion that the two may get married. Afterall, they are facing same challenges. And with the incident which occurred, I think it’s God’s calling and should see it as God’s doing’ “- said Olanrewaju Dasaolu, a businessman in Abeokuta, Ogun State .
From the look of things, the duo might be heading this way.
Within a week Mrs Joy Ifijeh was promoted from a common WAI official to a Special Assistant to the governor… Hmmmm